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Kazan announced Halal Digital Ecosystem to verify food market

A blockchain project «Halal Digital Ecosystem», allowing to decrease counterfeit products, has been announced at the 12th International Economic Summit «Russia — Islamic World: KazanSummit 2021», according to a Wednesday report from Russian business news outlet RBC.

CEO of Halal Digital Ecosystem Jalil Mustafin stated that the amount of food products, which supposedly meets all the requirements of Islam, is constantly growing:

«We help manufacturers to get Halal certificates, issue digital passports and bring their product to the market. It is backed with Universa Blockchain that helps to store all data securely. It is very convenient for both farmers and buyers», Mustafin said.

The ecosystem includes digital certificates for halal, a blockchain passport with a QR code and trading platform.

«Digital passports will be integrated into the fast delivery system and e-commerce platform», Alexander Borodich, CEO of Universa Blockchain summed up.

According co Cointelegraph outlet, the DMCC and Government of Dubai Authority on Commodities Trade has announced the launch of the DigitalSugar Trading Platform in partnership with the world’s largest sugar refinery, Al Khaleej Sugar and Universa Blockchain.

There are 57 Islamic countries in the world where Islam is a state religion. It is roughly 27% of the global population – according to a Pew Research Center estimate. 

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Sergey Gorkov: We suppose that 10% of the assets will be tokenized

Tokenization is a new challenge that allows to synchronize different aspects and problems of geological exploration. In particular, in the financing of junior companies at the early stages, stated Sergey Gorkov, a chairman of the State holding «Rosgeologiya» and former Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation at the Friday Moscow Urban Forum.

Rosgeologia is developing an engineering related to blockchain technologies in two aspects — tokenization of exploration assets and the creation of blockchain-exchanges:

«The prime Ministers of Russia and Kazakhstan signed an agreement on the establishment of the Eurasian junior exchange in Astana,» Sergey Gorkov said.

According to him, about 10% of the assets will be tokenized:

«This is a completely new look at the geological exploration. In this case, we are talking about a financial blockchain»

The chairman of the State holding stressed that the geological process is complicated and associated with different teams and equipment, because «we are talking about hundreds of drilling rigs» that are in constant motion on the vast territory of the country:

«The merging of the blockchain and the production system is what we are currently doing in a practical way,» Sergey Gorkov summed up.

Earlier, the Russian state geological holding «Rosgeologiya» signed an agreement of tokenization and introduction of modern blockchain technologies by junior companies specializing in geological exploration, Bloomberg notes with reference to the press release of the panel discussion «Junior business in geological exploration» SPIEF-2021.

According to the partnership agreement with Universa Blockchain, the tokenization of Rosgeologia’s production processes, the digitization of mineral resource base, transport and logistics support for smart-contracts and geological exploration at the holding’s enterprises will be tested.

Rosgeologia is the main mineral contractor of Russian Federation. 100% of the Company’s capital is owned by the state. Rosgeologiya’s revenue for 2020 amounted to 24.869 billion rubles.

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Tunisiе Internet and Universa Hub Africa Launch The First National Blockchain Network in Tunisia

Tunisia’s Leading Internet Agency (ATI) and Universa Hub Africa have signed an agreement to launch Tunisia’s National blockchain network, according to a press release shared with Crypto24.media on Jul. 9.

Earlier, the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) and Universa Blockchain reached a 10-year strategic partnership.

The agreement was signed using the MyDocuments.tn digital signature service by:

  • Moez Maaref, PDG of ATI,
  • Omar Bouattay, Head of Universa Hub Africa,
  • Alexander Borodich, CEO of Universa Blockchain.
Intro http://mydocuments.tn/

The main efforts will be focused on the development of Smart-cities and E-government services, as well as a decentralized identification system.

CEO of Universa Blockchain Alexander Borodich stated:

«Any developers, startups, entrepreneurs will be able to create any kind of blockchain-solutions: digital ID, smart contracts for loans, insurance, supply chain management, quality label compliance»

According to the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI), the National blockchain network is based on the technological developments of the Universa Blockchain.

The launch of the key elements of the National network will take place between September 2020 and January 2021.

As specified by Forbes, familiar with the matter, Universa Blockchain technologies will be implemented in the Smart-city project Oasis [worth $10 billion] of businessman Sergei Polonsky.

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